#sitawaignited presents Power to the Poets

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Happy 12.12.12 beautiful people, 
Pray you are enjoying your Jamhuri Day wherever you are...take a minute and thank God for this lovely country and those who went before us in the struggle to make this country a republic. Here are some reads on my blog that I would love y'all to read...I Cry for the Dedan Kimathi & Kimani Muruge Spirit and I want to live a Wambui Otieno life

Three things about #sitawaignited that I would love to share with you Sweetlings;

Sitawa Ignited...End of year party; A New You

1. The End of Year poetry party
I will be throwing an end of year Poetry Party in conjunction with Healthy Woman magazine this weekend at The Junction. (#sitawaignited is a monthly an evening of poetry, wine and everything in between from discussions, dance, laughter, tears and so much more hosted by me --> Sitawa Wafula for Ksh 300). The poets to rock the stage for the end of year Poetry Party are myself, Immah Reid, Samo the Almighty, Carol Milka, Emmillia, Sokoanalyst, Kelvin Kaesa, Ngatia B. Music by Liron and a guest artist. Displays by Moral Apparel.RSVP on FB https://www.facebook.com/events/227569420708715 ...and if cant make it, join the Google Plus Hangout 

2. Power to the poets
2013 marks 10 years for me as a poet...I did my first piece, I'd Still I'd still be your Woman then...I honor of that, I will celebrate aspiring poets so from January next year, I am beginning something called Power to the Poets where I will give an opportunity to aspiring poets to organise and/or host Sitawa Ignited. I get a lot of emails from a lot of poets who would like to have their own poetry nights who I have given tips, some went all full force and they are doing great well others...let's just say... POWER TO THE POETS is here. So how it will work, is simply anyone interested in hosting a show be they a poet, a band, someone with a hot topic to discuss hits me up on my email address or twitter @SitawaWafula

3. Mombasa show
Still on that power to the poets tip, SitawaIgnited will be from the last Thursday of January and hence forth be hosting at Jahazi Coffee House, Old Town from 7p. Tell somebody about it. (More details at the poetry party)

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