5 main things #mentalhealth suffers (In Kenya and World-Over)

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We all need to let our light shine

Yesterday evening, BBC contacted me to comment about the patients who ran from Mathari Hospital, given it was the first time i was hearing about the break out, I thought it was a joke and quickly called Dr. Kisivuli, Mathari Hosp Admin who confirmed the news and but also assured me that the patients are streaming back, 14/40 were back he said and told me if I or anyone spots anyone with a Mathari Hosp uniform to kindly inform the police or contact Mathari.

Armed with that, i replied the email and was comfortable to pick calls on the issue but it more of an adminstrative issue and a hole in our over stitched mental health fabric. I have done essays and essays on this post about mental health so today I will give y'all 5 main things #mentalhealth 'suffers'

1. Stigma; see the laugh some of y'all got from the news

I can still see two news anchors from two different stations making jokes and 'entertaining their audiences and themselves' SHAAAAAME!!! ...remember Mental Health problems are no respector of persons, age, status or social standing, it may be you or yours tomorrow, let's not make a party out of this.

2. Lack of resources; both human and financial...the little amount allocated to mental health doesn't do much and because of the haha fest some cases brings no one want to be a psychiatric doctor/nurse. James Wainaina who the President nominated for health said if he goes through vetting he will make sure the 15% WHO says every country should give to health will happen...that will go a long, a very long.

3. Ignorance on

Mathari is trending on twitter but reading some of your tweets, I have lost respect for a grand number of people...It is one thing to be ignorant and another to display it like that, I direct you to this posts for your awareness; About Mathari,

4. Legislation on ; remember i did an open letter asking y'all to vote wisely, this break out's answer is in the Bill; devolution of mental health services to counties, more pay for doctors, a mental health board to go round and make sure patients are well and the list goes on and on...I just 'tweeted' the President like Otongolo, who knows. If you are on twitter; Join me in this Otongolo moment by donating a tweet (Copy Paste) Dear @UKenyatta lets prevent more break outs,PASS the #mentalhealth BILL!!!

5. Persons with problems are HUMAN...with RIGHTS oooh and most of y'all need to hear this one; with BRAINS that WORK, how else could 40 of them get together and break out??? So respect them...and so if you see the remaining 26...they should however be held in a police cell, they are NOT criminals, they are NOT dangerous, they will NOT harm you...they are HUMAN and they have rights just like you and me.

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  1. I agree on the list items. Especially the ignorance bit.

  2. Hi Sitawa. You're absolutely right. It's a shame that the escaped patients are regarded as prisoners. Maybe a few of them are even better off outside. Let them, or their family members, decide on that.

  3. Great analysis Sitawa. You've clearly defined the issues. Keep on being disruptive!!