5 ways to beat #mentalhealth blues (diary of a manic-depressive girl)

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Good morning lovely people,

For the last three weeks, I have been on a spiral and unfortunately the blues caught up with me and I told myself I will not go down. Here are the things I did;

1. Asked for HELP!!!
I am constantly answering emails from people asking for help. I have been doing this for others and don't see why I can't do it for myself, I am human after all. Make sure you have your love counsel, a group of people who love you enough to counsel you and to pamper you too.
2. Hair and Nails
There is some inter-relation between looking good and feeling better. I don't know about y'all but I always feel reborn whenever I do something to my hair, no wonder I keep changing my hair do; bald, dread locks, TWA. This time round two of my love counsels asked me what I'd love to do and I said I want to get box braids, waist long box dreads.
3. Travel
This year has been my road trip year; one of my go-to women owns Raka Cheese and I went for a road trip to Nyeri to see how cheese is made. It was a lovely time and the weekend after my uncle took us for Nyam Chom at a newly opened place called Koko's Place way after Oletepes on your way to Kajiado, it was lovely seeing Nairobi at the horizon.
4. Passion
As you all know I am very passionate about mental health and the whole Mathari Hosp break out and calls from all over re ignited my being not forgetting the press conference. I also got a chance to donate books on Epilepsy to teachers from various schools in Kibera and medical supplies to the wellness centre we opened sometime back.
5. Learn something new
My dear friend Clara took me to Safari Park for Dinner, a sleep over and a tobacco control workshop. Just seeing the depths people are going to push their agenda made me feel that I need to be back on my feet doing something for mental health and my other projects.
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