Forget Security for a sec and address the elephant once and for all

5:46:00 PM

Giving Welcoming Remarks at the Press Briefing

Following the recent Mathari Hospital Break-out, different bodies have shown their support for or against the happenings. The Director of Medical Services filed the happenings as a security lapse and did not address the elephant in the room, why there was a security lapse, why there is congestion in Mathari which is meant to be a referral hospital after the community or primary level health facilities which are non-existent because....THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. As I omitted talking about issues in my last post, i will do the same now and simply say; Forget Security for a sec and address THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM once and for all...that was part of why we did a press briefing this morning. See the press release below for your perusal and comments;

S/O to The Daily Nation for putting it on online page  but their headline is not what we are after...we are after the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!!!

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