This World Schizophrenia Day, I will read and watch a movie instead

6:11:00 AM

The Soloist - A gift from one of my 'fans'

Late last year, one of my poetry 'fans' gifted me with a book titled The Soloist which I have been reading for the longest time mostly because I could relate with most of the things Nathaniel (main character with Schizophrenia who was 'discovered' by LA Times reporter, Lopez). Many people have told me their is a movie and I am one of those book over movie people so I put it to the back of my mind and only watched it to compare, I was disappointed as many things were lost in translation.

That aside, today is World Schizophrenia (better known as 'uenda wazimu' in Swahili) Day, usual I had my note pad and pen ready to come with a blogpost and realised, there is nothing new I can blog about that I haven't (read 2011 blog has all the info you need about Schizophrenia -, since I had had a deep and didnt have time to co-ordinate a gig with Schizophrenia Foundation of Kenya (2012 Walk from PCEA Ngong to Ngong Health Centre -, this is how I will celebrate the day;
1. Re-read the book and re-watch the movie
2. Hold tweet chats from 10-11a, 3-4p & 8-9p for awareness creation

You can also read this for more info

Kindly share this post and join me on twitter and retweet...what will you do to mark this day?

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