#mhke 3 - Conversations w/ Psychologist Elizabeth

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Psychologist Liz

This week, Psychologist Liz joined us on #mhke3 and we discussed the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists, the common types of mental health disorder she encounters, how psychologists diagnose, a Storify of the conversation will be shared later today...below is a brief on who she is.

Elizabeth Wangari Gichimu ‘Liz’ is a practicing counseling psychologist who works with patients at the Outspan hospital as well as high schools within Nyeri County to help in minimizing distress as well as create awareness with regards to issues pertaining to mental health. Her personal philosophy is that mental wellbeing is possible and free for all, and is what will ensure we live our lives to the fullest.

Elizabeth has 3 years of experience in the following: 
- Adolescence and youth counseling; 
- Planning, training of mental health professionals on key aspects about breaking stigmatization and bias against mental illness; 
- Organizing outreach programs  with a focus on creating awareness on issues pertaining to mental health as well as providing psychosocial support to people affected by mental health issues; 
- Integrating mental health with physiological health issues, psycho-education and support of patients with chronic illness to adhere to treatment and creating awareness about the importance of taking care of the two (mind and body); 
- Data collection and processing on the needs of the community in order to tailor and come up with programs that best suit them with regards to improving the quality of their lives; arrange and organize treatment based on individual client’s need and unique goals; provide individuals, families, and professionals with support and educational information about, psychological conditions.

Elizabeth holds masters in counseling psychology degree from USIU-A and a bachelors in psychology from Daystar University. She has also undergone trauma intervention training at the USIU-A as well as Palliative care training at the Nyeri hospice. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Clinical psychology.

Elizabeth currently works and lives in Nyeri and when she is not working she loves to listen to music, dance and enjoys taking long strolls as the environment is well endowed with nature and makes for great excursions

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