Greetings from Hong Kong

12:24:00 PM

Well I know that sounds like I went to Hong Kong...well I didnt but I serve an Almighty God, that city is on my bucketlist and I will soon do a post to do this title justice. Well I got greetings from Enlighten in Hong Kong who follow my work and thought it good to share part of the greetings and enlighten others on their presence and the work they do in that part of the world.

I write to you on behalf of Enlighten- Action for Epilepsy Hong Kong and we are the only non-medical, non-government charity in Hong Kong that supports all those directly/indirectly affected by Epilepsy and helps raise Epilepsy awareness. There are almost 70,000 people affected by Epilepsy here, however they all choose to remain in silence due to the fear of being discriminated or stigmatised against. The stigma present in this part of the world is quite evident where only until 2010 the Chinese word for Epilepsy “Dean Gan” (癲癇) which meant being ‘crazy’, ‘insane’ or ‘dangerous’ person was changed to “No Gan” (腦癇) to eradicate the strong social stigma around it.

This years is Enlighten’s 10th Anniversary and we are proud of what we have accomplished in the last decade but a bigger challenge lies ahead of us since the number of people affected with Epilepsy has increased two folds since we started.


I feel challenged to expand my advocacy to an international level and would like to hear your ideas on how we can all do this for the whole world. you can start by being a friend of Enlighten and subscribe to their site while at it here

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  1. Great work Sitawa, this is a real blessings to be an inspiration for others. Never stop. Are you still on FB?
    blessed love