#hugSitawa goes commercial (hugs for 100) to raise money for #mentalhealth helpline

7:25:00 AM

Good morning beautiful people,

Hope you are up and about hugging people. Well I am turning commercial with my hugs, from today Sept 30, I am selling my hugs for Ksh 100. Remember the background message is to raise funds for a suicide and mental health hotline https://onepercentclub.com/en/#!/projects/suicidehubandhotline

So the plan is to hug 6000 people by March 6th...that's like 40 people per day. I believe that people with mental health conditions have access to information and proper support systems.

Let's do this for Kenya,
Let's get them a mental health support system.

Remember one in every four Kenyans will experience a mental health condition in their life time, that narrows done to every household...be prepared.

Give me a hug.

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