9:49:00 PM

I am she, She that whispers words which they all search for, She that reduces them to babies so they lay their heads on my chest and caress bottoms as I paint them a picture of the future, Our future. She that makes them leave their life missions. I am she, She - Eve, the first woman in the Bible walking around naked with the forbidden apple, I carry the key to knowing right and wrong, the key to being God, Master and Creator of all that is and that which is yet to be, She that takes the first bite and offers you the rest I am she, She - Delilah, the woman who fell the greatest man in the Bible, I made him lay down on my feet like I baby as I caressed his long hair, cut it all off and reduced him to a boy She that made him share a secret he had sworn to take to his grave. I am she, She - Bathsheba, the woman who took her shower on the roof top, I made the man after God's own heart run for my own, made him kill just to lay with me for a night, She that drew him from his purpose and mission as king. I am she, She -I made you lose your path, comforted you when yours was away, I made nice things feel right as I talked you against them, made you look for ways to make a very rotten potato look fresh, Like Eve, I let you have a bite of my apple and we now see nakedness we did not know existed, Like Delilah, I cut off your hair of loyalty and faithfulness and now you are a man half true about his word, Like Bathsheba, I showered before you with attention and care and you hacked your resolve to wait for marriage. We drew the hallelujah from our hearts now we dance to lustful tunes, I am she, She - the modern day proverbs 31 woman, Trying day in day out not to fall as she keeps busy before her husband finds her, She that's waiting for my priest, my protector and my provider and not somebody else's man. She that admits when she is wrong and makes amends for her actions. She that understands her human nature and cannot stay down for a city on a hill cannot be hidden.

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