if you thought 79 psychiatrists for 40million was bad maths, welcome to Chad

6:34:00 AM

One reason i love y'all is that any mental health article in Kenya and beyond is Sitawa headliner, I see all you men using it as a conversation starter...not that i am complaining, keep them coming. One reason I am doing the #hugSitawa campaign beside the obvious, to get free hugs from random people, yes i am looking for a hubby by force, is to get a mental health and suicide hub up, you can contribute to my dream here

So one of my pals sent me this link
Taking on Chad's mental illness myths, one psychiatrist at a time , there is only one psychiatry in Chad, like one, moja...there is no mathematics there. The population according to the article is 12 million...forget understaffed, underfunded,overcrowded welcome new English terms.

African need to stand up and do something, get real time solutions to    the mental health situation in the continent. What are some of the suggestions you all have?

Remember to hug someone today, #hugSitawa

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