My mind,my funk

12:25:00 PM

5 weeks ago, I did a blog post on the suicide state in Kenya and Africa as a whole . Today is World Suicide Awareness (Prevention) Day and I will not bore you with details of how the situation is as I have already blogged about it, nor will tell you about my suicide attempt;the thin line between life and death - PARENTAL ADVISORY. Today I will speak about solutions, about answers, about the way forward. Sometimes we get too stuck on the problem and how we have no answers yet we do not take the opportunity to create those answers.
One of the greatest issues facing mental health regardless of where in the world is lack of information and support systems. I recently attended an amazing accelerator program by Spark* International which really helped to shape my projects and what it is I want to work on. My current project is christened my mind, my funk because I believe my mind is my cool factor. I was also able to get my thoughts up on the 1% site for funding and I am looking to raise approximately Ksh 600,000 to develop an info hub through writing therapy, establish support groups and revamp the two existing suicide lines that are not well known.
I am currently looking for ideas on how to raise the money and more so for people or organizations to contribute to it. To be part of it check out here.  My dream is to have a my mind, my funk chill spot (aka a physical resource centre) where people with mental health disorders can come chill and have different therapies happening from art to meditation and I want to do all this because the mind is our cool factor, we lose our cool, we lose ourselves.

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  1. i like what you are doing Sitawa.God bless you so much.

    1. Thank you for Sunshine. God bless you too

  2. It takes a strong heart to do what you are doing. God bless you for the inspiration.

  3. Thank you. Sending love and light