Acumen Fellowship Final Selection Interview

6:27:00 PM

During my awarding earlier in the year by East Africa Grantmakers, I met the East African Director of Acumen who mentioned their fellowship which I applied for around the same time I applied for Spark*Kenya fellowship this September through which as you all know my mind,my funk was born. This past Saturday, I spent the whole day with 47 other candidates all fighting to get the 20 slots available for 2014 Acumen East Africa fellows, we will know our fate in the coming days. The day was full of activities, from a morning elevator pitch infront of all the candidates and evaluator, group activity to test our leadership skills and the hair pulling one on one panel interview not forgetting amazing meals all through and the end of day cocktail which i was too tired to enjoy...praying for Good News

What fellowships have you applied for and what were the results?

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