Gratitude - Won my second award for 2013....totally love this space

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So yesterday I was busy minding my own business, selling my O-collection pieces at Sondeka Fest and over blowing my nose (thanks to a silly flu I have after eating way too many icecream at Photography awards which I wouldn't have done if they didn't have those fit inducing lights), when I got one of THOSE phone calls...I had just won my second award for the year...YAAAY. Second thing I did after thanking the Lord, google the awards and there is $$$$ attached to it...DOUBLE YAAY. So before you brand me 'materialistic' scrap that who doesn't love having means more so who in my line of work doesn't love means huh?

So at the beginning of the year, i made a list of 13 things (because it is 2013) I'd like to accomplish by the end of year, resolutions some of you call them, evolution works for me. I am proud to say there are two things maybe three, OK four but my post on men and mentals cancels no 4, yes I am sure, three things that I was sure won't come true before the end of the year given its November;get my own space, trace a Peugeot 504 and some family stuff but winning this award, you will know on Dec 18 or 19, was so excited didn't get the dates right, will scrap getting my own space off the list.
Being an avid visual boarder, I had mapped out the way my space will look and now with this award money, I can finally get this space which will double up as my office. I recently started my mental health outfit dubbed my mind my funk, we are currently working on the branding and the pilot project besides the widely known #hugSitawa campaign, and I couldnt be happier. Moving out at 29 may not seem like a big deal to many but it is for me. By 18 I was raped, dropped out of uni at 21, nobody wanted to live with me so was dumped in shaggz, by 23-24 I was leaving alone, I had just ran away from home (story for another post), was trying to make ends meet, I didn't understand my illness, was a struggling poet trying to put together and sustain a monthly poetry gig, Poetry at Discovery and my illness got the better of me. After 3 years of surviving, literally, I moved into my uncle's at 26-27 and now 2 years later, I am taking that risk, my health my fail and I may go back to ground zero. Having family around and the great support my uncle and aunt have given me definitely contributed to the progress I have made in my health and the things i have achieved but I want to make that move.

In 2013, I marked 10 years of being a rape survivor, I have won two awards, gotten into a fellowship and look forward to getting notification for another before the close of the year, I was able to branch my poetry night to Nakuru,performed in Dar and Arusha, spoke in Ghana and got an offer to star in a movie (look out for that in 2014), recorded my poetry album and didn't release it, did logistics and lead a procession (#justiceforLiz), fell in and out of love with the most amazing man, got appointed Assistant Sec for National Epilepsy Coordination Committee and travelled by train for the first time. If this year hasn't been a gentleman to me, I don't know what the description of gentleman is. I am so glad I got to this space in my life, I can definitely live here for a few more years. This second award also opens a space that's new to my work and the reach I will have in my quest to create an Africa where people with mental health disorders like me have access to information and receive appropriate support.

What spaces have y'all discovered? What spaces would y'all like to be in?

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