30 day mental cleanse (talk to y'all on Jan 28th)

1:08:00 AM

The New Year is one of my best holidays. It is mental steroids for me and knowing it is only 4 short days away gives me life. I have so much lined up for 2014; my goals list is finally complete and my visual board is almost done. Since 2013 has been my best year ever, having celebrated my decade as a rape survivor and started a new chapter in my life, I feel its only logical to start 2014 on the same foot, if not better than, i started 2013. I also need to give thanks to God for the 361 and counting blessings filled days of 2013...that said, I will be doing a 30 day mental cleanse starting today till 28th January, that means I will be off social media (FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr) for 30 days, so help me God, rejuvenating, seeking God's face plus I haven't gone for vacay this year so I have to pay those dues. I look forward to reconnecting but my email is always open for those who need support and/or information about mental health.

For those who started the visual boarding project after reading my Christmas post or are simply making new year resolutions,for the sake of your mental health remember;

1. You are your only competition, don't compare yourself with anyone for there will always be people higher and lower than you, instead focus on being a better you,the BEST you you can be.

2. Write your resolutions down or better still use a visual board or book to help create mental images of what you want to achieve. Make them realistic and commit to them, they are YOUR resolutions.

3. Take time out from all the noise to celebrate every victory; big or small and rejuvenate; life is a journey not a destination...enjoy the trip so as to have stories to tell at the end.

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the council of elders that reside in my mentals, thank you for reading my blog and interacting with me all year round. A happy end of 2013 to you and yours and lets meet in the new year by His Grace.

Love and light to y'all.

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