Dear Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia, kindly share your management masterplan for #mentalhealth in Kenya

2:26:00 PM

I remember the medical society going out and saying no, we need a medic not a manager as cabinet secretary and i thought if the guy has a medic team around him, why not. And that has been my view until my pal Dr. Wambui Waithaka pointed out an article by Dr. Lukoye.

So you and our beautiful government decided to give mental health a Kenya at 50 gift; doing away with the Division of Mental Health(read this article

To get to the point, how will we survive? What is your game plan? Did you see or hear about the Mathari Hospital break out earlier in the year? Are we in the mental health field such second class citizens that we get less and less each year? Funding, staffing, crowding, awareness creation, medication, research, policy how will we survive? Share your management master plan for mental health in Kenya...explain like you would to six year olds what you grand idea for 25% of the population that will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime.

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