How I celebrate Christmas (or not)

10:14:00 AM

I decided to put up a pic of me having a soda at a shop, during my recent Kitale visit,after an accomplished day because 2013 has been an accomplished day for me.

I have just woken up to a flood of Christmas messages, some from numbers I dont have on my address book. I am not a fan of December holidays, maybe because my life is a constant holiday and i enjoy everyday and every situation throughout the year or maybe I don't get why everyone gets excited all of a sudden. I am such an anti December holiday person, I haven't really celebrated Christmas, as most do, for the last 4 or so years (save for the 2 consecutive years visiting Prisons with Boniface Mwangi) and usually use this day to dig out old magazines and create vision boards for the year that is yet to be and take stock of the year that was; guess that is my definition of The Birth. I know so many people don't do New Year Resolutions,well I am a sucker for the New Year, I think that and my birthday might be two days I really look forward to. Guess Christmas to me is The Birth of new beginnings.

Stock Taking

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down 13 things that I'd like to accomplish. I had 4 left in November but after winning the Malaika Tribute award and getting a seed grant confirmation email last week,I have technically done everything on the list and I am so proud of myself and been looking forward to doing my 2014 board. Just to mention a few things that made 2013 rock; winning two awards, genesis of my mental health organization right from Spark International Accelerator, branding process, hugsitawa 1% funding to the recent seed money ( all this will be unveiled in 2014), performing in Tanzania twice, speaking in Ghana etc etc every month I had something new and exciting happening.

Visual Board
Feel free to do this anytime between now and the new year. Write down 14 things I would like to accomplish in 2014. Then get old magazines and cut out images that relate to the goals that you will stick up in your space or a used notebook to be a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish.

Remember to celebrate and/or reward yourself for all your achievements, however big or small. I always share mine here and/or on my social media accounts then save the rewarding to the last days of the year where I treat myself. Last year I got a treat to Watamu from the then BFF and it was the best way to end the year, not sure how this year will end but I am sure something very exciting will happen.

How was 2013 been to you? What are your projections for 2014? And if you celebrate Christmas, what are your plans for the day?

Sending y'all love and light whatever your weather(plans)

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