I passed out last night...and twitter helped (even when you are alone, you are not alone)

11:43:00 AM

Last night at around 10.30p, I woke up on the floor. I had passed out for Lord knows how long and I was all alone in the house. (My family decided to have Christmas in the village after my uncle's burial and I had stuff to do here before Christmas so I travelled back alone.) After I gathered myself and woke up, I was confused for a long minute trying to figure out what had happened as I normally feel my seizures just before I go down (and no I wasn't drinking any alcohol as many concerned people have asked while trying to help me figure out what happened).

Once i tracked my phone, I went through my address book looking for friends to come through but 3/4 were either in Coast or had travelled up country and the remaining 1/4 were unreachable. So I went to twitter to share what had happened and look for solace of sorts I guess, given it was going to midnight and I live in Ngong and I had worked hard on my panic attacks to let this incident take me back to square one... the one thing I asked for is prayers and I cant remember at what point i slept but I guess the prayers worked.

I woke up this morning at around 9.30a feeling tired and weak and the one thing I needed most was food but the process of getting out of bed to the kitchen then to the shop was outright depressing so to skye myself up I did my devotion and checked my phone to see if any of my 1/4 friends had responded. My heart melted from the number of texts and gtalk messages and tweets from my twitter family. They had prayed and it worked for I slept like a baby,now they wanted to know what they can do and I said breakfast. Most were ready to make me breakfast but the fact that I live in Ngong was not in my favor but one tweep I am greatly in awe of is Kinyanjui Kombani who called up a colleague and asked him to bring me breakfast all the way. On top of that, he asked his cousin who is a clinical officer to chat with me just to confirm I am good health wise.

As I sit here enjoying this jumbo meal, I cant help but go all divine intervention on y'all. To me this occurrence is not about the fact that I shouldn't be alone at any one time as most of you have suggested but the fact that we need not suffer alone...there is always someone watching, someone listening, someone ready to assist. It felt like God was putting a stamp on the work I have been doing, telling me to make my work of listening, connecting and educating people about mental health even bigger and better in the new year...so my top priority in the new year is create the BEST MENTAL HEALTH information and support hub through my newly formed organization; my mind, my funk.

PS: I am still overwhelmed by the love and care from my Twitter family and more so Kinyanjui. I thank God for His love and providing a way for me through twitter, I thank God for the amazing twitter family I have...clearly even when I am alone, I am not alone.

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