See you later

4:06:00 AM

Mluhya ni Chai

Its been 4 days 4 hours since you took your love away,

and the more the hours pile up, the more true it gets, 
The more I know the call saying you woke up won't be made,
Since you've been gone all I have done is keep to myself,
For I didn't want to exchange sweet memories of you with grief,
Memories of your Safari boots at the door over the weekend; an indication that you are home after a long exploration trip.
Memories of words of wisdom; keep your chin up you always said; So up I rise my head and allow the tears like a stream to flow and let you go
Let you wear your Safari boots for one more exploration trip; to the realm above
Let you be with Tabu Ley for he needs to hear about Sunday afternoons at Shade Hotel and how we grooved ourselves senseless to his music. 
Let you be with Mandela for he needs a wise man to sit beside him on the way up.

This is not goodbye, its see you later.
Every minute you are gone I miss you so much but the thought that I will see you later gives me the strength to get up and keep my chin up just as you always wanted me to.

This is my tribute piece for my departed Uncle. 

I initially had a hard time grieving but finally was able to and even made the trip to Kitale for his funeral and just be with my entire family after an amazing evening at Malaika Tribute Awards. The gym must also have been working because my panic attack levels were really down. I travelled back to Nairobi immediately to get back to my usual routine as these things are a step at a time; I believe travelling down with people I have never hanged out with, being at the funeral and getting back was an amazing three day experience; next time I will do it for a week.

So I am doing my usual Christmas routine (that's another blog story). What are y'all doing for the holidays if you mark them at all? 

Sending love and light whatever your plans for the next week.

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