How to create a visual board (my simple and fun planning trick)

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Things you need for your visual boarding exercise
It is never too late to take charge of your life, it all starts by identifying what needs changing and making plans to actually change it. Visual boards provide constant pictorial reminders of what we aim to achieve, be they resolutions or projections.

Here is a simple guide on making your visual board/book.
1. Assemble the items.
- Board/Manilla Paper or Book (Surface for your vision - Manilla costs Ksh 20 at any local bookshop or supermarket)
- Pair of scissors (Small pair Ksh 60)
- Office glue (Ksh 40)
- 3 old magazines (The newspaper vendor at Ambassador stage sell old Vogue, Glamour and other full of pictures magazines from Ksh 100-150)
- Sheet of paper
- A free afternoon (or morning)
- Good music ( or whatever will make you relax as you work)

2. On the piece of paper, write down a theme or title for your board. Why are you doing this? My 2014 theme is the High Life. It is a continuation of the amazing foundation laid in 2013 as I plan to do things bigger and better and strive to be the best in mental health advocacy.

3. Under the theme, list down your vision. You may have your vision in check or may just know you need to take charge of things. Here are areas in your life you can have on your paper and list  visions for;
- Intellectual
- Financial
- Social
- Career
- Family
- Social
- Physical and Mental
- Spiritual

4. Now that you have a sense of what your working theme is and the visions you have for different areas of your life, look for pictorial representations of those visions e.g for my career, I would like to set up my mental health organization so a picture of a cute home office would be that pictorial representation. If i want to save more or invest, a piggy bank would do the trick.

5. Go through the magazines and get inspired.

6. Once your board is done, put it where you can always see it so that it is a constant reminder of where you are going. Sometimes life pressures make us lose track of where we are going, a visual board/book will be the pick-me-up we need from time to time.
My Visual Board in the making

Looking forward to your pictures of visual boards and remember, the plans of the mind belong to man, the final word comes from God...present your plans to the Lord and He will see them through.

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