While i was away...

8:53:00 AM

On Dec 28th, I decided to do a 30 day mental cleanse challenge, just to start the new year on a lighter note literally. Since this was a self initiative, it didn't have rules and like most things I do,it was more of an adventure and was looking to learn. Loads of things happened, but I will share 5 things I am  most excited about;

1. I actually did a 30 day mental cleanse faithfully...looking forward to my next challenge,any suggestions.
2. I moved to my own house (insert Kemboi dance)which I am sharing with 3 plants one of them is the cutest Cactus ever ...this is a big deal especially after the Dec incident when i collapsed when home alone at my Uncle's during Christmas holidays...it is so amazing to have my own space as I OD on noodles and cup a soup...Uncle if you are reading this, noodles and cup a soup are nutritious and body building foods for a young woman.
3. I am working on two amazing consultancy projects in... wait for it, mental health and epilepsy...truly God doesn't bring you to it without seeing you through it.
4. My mental health organization, MMMF already has 4 clients...the branding is 'insane' especially my tshirts, follow on twitter @mymindmyfunk and Facebook (http://facebook.com/mymindmyfunk) to see the amazing activities I have been cooking.
5. Last but not least, I have an office (insert Kemboi remix dance)...MMMF is definitely a new lease of life...even custom made a Kitenge chair that springs me to life when I enter my office.

It is never too late for me to wish y'all a happy new year. As one of my best people in the world always tells me...we got this, 2014...we got this.

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