Art Therapy; Decorating bottles using thread

12:18:00 PM

Last week I directed my shifting energies to decorating bottles as part of my therapy, read about what I was dealing with here. Art therapy always does it for me. Here is a tutorial for those who want to try this out.
1. Gather items
- Bottles (different shapes and sizes)
- Chunky thread (Robin brand available for Ksh 120)
- Glue
- A pair of scissors
2. Soak the bottles to remove the labels and remaining ingredients then dry thoroughly.
3. Apply a line of glue at the top of one bottle (do a line at a time as the process is slow and the glue will dry and you will have to keep reapplying) and start 'threading' the bottle. (I had problems starting from the bottom)
4. Keep applying the glue and threading until you get to the bottom. (You can use one color or mix them up)
5. Tie a different color of thread on it to beautify or stick buttons on it.

Looking forward to your art works. This project was amazing therapy for me...share your lift me up tricks.


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