I am a FINALIST at Google's Africa Connect Competition, VOTE and SHARE

10:12:00 AM

Last year, Google began a competition across Africa asking people to share how they use Google products in their daily lives, i entered the competition and shared how having this blog and creating positive African Mental Health narratives. All your lovely visitors here using my articles to better your mental health have been part of this journey, now that I have been chosen among the best 10 entrants in Africa out of thousands of applicants, I'd like to request y'all to
1. watch my video and VOTE FOR ME!!!
2. Share the link and ask your networks to vote and subscribe to my blog.

I would like to use the money to help others create their own narratives, positive African mental health narratives...we rarely hear those. I am one and would like to help many others come up.

Sending love and light.

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