#mentalcleanse challenge Day 1 - excitement

8:55:00 AM

Towards the end of 2013, i unplugged and did a 30 day mental cleanse and it was an amazing experience with even bigger results my best being getting my own space.  Super glad I successfully made it through my first month living alone and I am uber excited the new month which will see me roll out programs from my mental health organization.

Today's Challenge
What are you excited about? What are you looking forward to? What gives you hope?

I just came back from my morning run and simple things that made me excited are the sight of the Ngong Hills, the weather was just right not so hot with an amazing breeze from the trees, running alongside all these men in tights and I can go on and on.

Excitement and hope are energy boosters we all need in our lives. Many suicide cases and depression episodes are linked to lost hope, to not feeling excited about anything or worse off the things that used to excite us before. By participating in the above exercise, you remind yourself that despite all the annoying things happening, there is something/someone waiting for you and that pushes you.

Mental cleanses will help you have more clarity and help you be better leaving time, money and energy to live, see and enjoy the things and people that excite you. Share what excites you using #mentalcleanse or tweet my organization @mymindmyfunk

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