#mentalcleanse challenge Day 2 - Balcony Moments

7:08:00 AM

This is an entry from my cleanse diary
Woke up excited about Church and lunch later with Lam, my Southern Sudan masala. The teaching was on thanksgiving and remembering how faithful God has been throughout the year(you all know how amazing 2013 was to me). Beside the teaching,my fav praise leader led and later it felt good as the Pastors and most people congratulated me on my second award and shared how I have been an inspiration to them from the day I stood on the pulpit to share my life journey and as a youth leader. I headed for my lunch meet up with my Southern Sudan masala who was in between meetings sorting the peace issue in his country so we didn't chill for long but I was thankful for the time, it is always amazing and inspiring speaking to this man. He is one of my best people to be around.
Spent the afternoon siesta-ing, totally thankful i could do this without worrying about deadlines and thoughts of work schedule. When i woke up, i fixed myself an egg avocado salad (something I had always wanted to fix for a long time but my schedule wouldn't allow, yes one can be too busy to boil an egg and slice an avocado) and finally beat my high score on my Sudoku app.As I was winding down, yes I had the luxury of winding my day down, another thing I was thankful about, I got a text from my good friend Fred Ouko to read his latest post titled balcony moment and I was so excited to finally have a working title for my cleanse; balcony moment.

Today's challenge
Go out and stand on the balcony...yes you had a long day at work, yes your boss will scream at you...but just do it, go to your balcony and think of things, big and small that you are thankful for...it can be the fact you have a nice view, that your legs can actually carry you to a balcony, that you have a job (block out the part your boss drives you up the wall and your current project will be the end of you)...go ahead and enjoy your balcony moment.

A mental cleanse is as simple as knowing you owe yourself some time to actually 'smell the air' inhale and exhale without it being an automatic thing your body does. By participating in the above exercise, you allow yourself to be unhooked from the daily flow of things, deadlines, on the snap responses, societal pressure and expectations and just have a minute for you with you on the balcony.

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