Tin Roof Cafe

1:59:00 PM

Its been a marathon week for me from my Monday night Citizen TV, Tuesday's gig at Mathari Hospital (which i need to blog about - Mathari got 50 M for renovation under the Kenya at 50 legacy project in partnership with Safaricom Foundation) and yesterday I had the mental health reference group meeting with World Health Organization, International Institute of Legislative Affairs and USPK. I decided to put aside today to catch up on work, writing and getting some peace of mind (had thought of finally doing some gardening). As i finished setting out my to-do list, Kenya Power decided it had better plans for my day and it wasn't one of those 20 - 30 minutes lights out but the whole day rationing. My only option was to find a coffee shop with good internet. I remember seeing a board when doing some epilepsy clinic volunteer work at Karen Dispensary and decided to finally check the place out as i decided if i was doing Dari or Dormans.

I walked into the Tin Roof Cafe at around 11 and I was the only customer so I was able to take loads of pictures, by 12.30 the place was full with most people preferring to sit outside. I got a little corner which i have mentally christened Sitawa's hub because beautiful memories will be made here. I have never done a restaurant/place review but this place is a peace of mind type of place (mission of my life) I just had to mention it...it also has superbly fast internet, therapeutic artsy decor,good food and they do book swaps for free...what else do you need for peace of mind...I am totally sold.

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