BNKEF Fellows Day out

11:04:00 PM

The fellows
Early this year, I put out a blog post asking y'all looking for a fellowship that was fun and flexible to apply, after a selection process and extension, we got 4 lovely ladies who I have been mentoring for the past month. I cannot believe that it has been a month since we began and to celebrate that month end and my 'detachment' from them, we had a girls day out on Saturday where we visited the caves at Paradise Lost, played kati then settled at Central Park where we really opened up.

Dont ask what i am doing.

Over the past month, the girls have learnt loads on mental health, advocacy and using social media for awareness creation, the different types of mental health conditions, their signs and symptoms, Using social media and blogging as a tool for awareness creation (they created a group blog, kindly follow and share, public speaking and have done loads of practical and class presentations. They also had a chance to go for a field visit (read about their experiences on their group blog)

More pix here 

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  1. Very nice..congratulations to the group!