Bring your own Sunshine this International Women's Day

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Today is International Women's Day and I feel excited to be a woman here and now complete with my experiences and dual diagnosis...we are a movement like that. Being excited doesn't mean all is well in Sitawa ville, that there are no dark clouds in my world, it just means I brought my own Sunshine and that's what I would like all women to do, bring your own Sunshine, don't wait for the powers that be, don't wait for your husbands or boyfriends or society but bring your own Sunshine.People receive you as you serve yourself, present yourself as an equal, as human who deserves to be here accorded all rights every human is entitled to complete with your own sun just to show no one can bring you down. If you serve yourself as oppressed and in constant need of support and favors, that's just what you will get.

Last year I had the honor of performing in Arusha and then Dar during March gracing different events, this year I will be home celebrating myself and counting my blessings. I was to be in Samburu speaking to the women there but I double booked myself and had to remain in Nairobi so as to train mental health and digital story telling to my group in Kibera and to orientate BasicNeeds Fellowship fellows into the mental health world. I would however like y'all to read this post I did some time back; put that woman first and one that Liz Ombati wrote to celebrate me this International Women's Day and hope some of you will bring their own Sunshine and have it big enough to cover other sisters.

PS: It is definitely voting season in Sitawa ville, Google's Africa Connected competition voting closed yesterday and we will all wait for 23 days to know who the top 5 are. I am very humbled by everyone who voted and asked their friends and networks to vote...thank you very much for the support. This blog has been nominated in the best Health category in Kenyan Bloggers Awards, bring some Sunshine to this sister by kindly voting here and ask your friends to do so.

Sending y'all love and light this weekend...remember to bring your own Sunshine.

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  1. Hi Sitawa,

    Happy Women's Day to you, too! Hope you keep spreading your light around for a long time...

    I left a comment for your last post. Could you help me out regarding a project we are doing for Kenya? I have sent you an email, too.