Finally began my #mentalhealth /digital story telling trainings

9:59:00 PM

Hey beautiful people,
Hope you are all keeping well. I am having one of those weeks I am literally counting hours to the weekend. The BasicNeeds Fellowship began so  I am deep in mentoring work and earlier today, I held my first #mentalhealth /digital story telling training to the youth in Kibera's Soweto East Resource centre at the Cisco System's digital hub. The aim of the program is teach them about mental health and how to tell their own narratives through blogging. We had a lovely introductory session complete with mingle mingle and a filled questionnaire to gauge our mental health knowledge and web/internet usage.

We will focus on a mental health topic for an hour and practice blogging on the second hour. The meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays from 11-1p should anyone feel like joining for the next 6 weeks before we graduate Will keep updating about the program but enjoy the pictures of the first session on our FB page, like it while you are there.
Special shout out to Hital Muraj for connecting me to the centre and pollination project for #seedthechange.
Sending love and light,

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  1. Hi Sitawa,

    I found you through the Facebook page of Africa Mental Health Foundation, which had a link to a page on Africa Connected, that featured you.

    It is great meeting you online. Keep up the good work!
    I am working on an mHealth project for an online course, that focuses on mental health in Kenya and other African countries.

    Our team looks forward to connecting with like-minded local people.

    Again, great to have found you. Keep blogging!

    Best regards,