#purpledayKE came early at Kibera Soweto East Mental Health Group

5:32:00 AM

Winning Group did a skit on epilepsy and the stigma those living with epilepsy
and those who associate with the face in society
Today's lesson was the best session yet with the beautiful souls at Kibera. As you well know, tomorrow, March 26th, is purple day, yes you have to wear purple and twitpic using #purpledayke. We learnt about epilepsy last week and we celebrated purple day early at Kibera Soweto East mental health group by having the participants do plays, poems and skits on the lesson. I was so excited that they all remembered what we learnt and used their talents to spread the word . Only 19 people came through (they were afraid of the presentation). Group 3 won the challenge by presenting a wonderful skit that touched on stigma and was educative. The other groups had poems including one in Swahili and a song. I gave a prize to the winning group.
I also taught them how to upload posts on their group blog and they were kind enough to title the post Things I learned when we first encountered Miss Sitawa Wafula, read and comment. I am also very excited that one of my students, Francis got to start his own blog, check it out and follow.
We won't have a lesson next week Tuesday as the Google Africa winners will be announced and they asked us to block out the day. I have lined up a talk on suicide and another on drugs and alcohol abuse the weeks after next where they will do the activity again.
See today's pix on our FB page.

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