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I love the great outdoors
I am a lover of the great outdoors and fresh air and plants, I currently have 9 house plants and small garden at the back of my house, will dedicate a blog post on that and the therapeutic flow I get from them, someone told me they call it Ecotherapy nowadays. On Saturday 12th April, I had an opportunity to marvel at nature and just have a jolly good time with my mentees from BNKEF. It was a tag your friends along picnic which was a follow up to their day out. The location; Central Park, yes I have a soft heart for this space. I was tasked with getting a nice shady place as they got the snacks and their friends. The main aim of the event was to introduce their friends to the program and most of all to educate them about mental health and epilepsy and see if they would like to be part of a mental health group based on what they see and hear.

 When everyone arrived, the activities began with an introduction session where everyone said their name, what they do and something unique about themselves. After everyone knew each other, the girls talked to them on different topics that they had learnt in class from epilepsy first aid, the different types of mental health conditions and signs to look out for and most of all the impact of the fellowship to them on a personal level which made their friends even more curious about the fellowship and the mental health program and how to get involved. After answering their questions, we divided ourselves in groups as most had sat how they came and had a mini talent show just to explore the talents they had and there was singing, dancing and crowd engaging games. We broke for lunch and spent the afternoon skipping rope and playing team games.

At 3p, we called it a day and the 20 participants assured us that they will definitely answer our call for the next event. Here is a link to a post by the girls on their group blog; I commend the girls for the eloquence they all had and the surety they possess as they talked to the larger group. It was a huge step given their shyness during the initial class presentations when it was just five of us in the room. I feel honored for this opportunity BasicNeeds gave me to mentor and mould the next crop of mental health crusaders...there is indeed hope and very bright light ahead in mental health not just in Kenya but world over.

The whole group
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