I won Google Africa Connected Competition...Glory be to God

4:18:00 PM

Soon i will go all Manu Chandaria and build a trophy room...to God be the Glory
I know I have stalked a whole lot of you to vote for me for the Google Africa Connected Competition and  kept sending a link to this blog post about it. Well after our Nairobi hopping trip on Monday and getting all Villa Rosa'd it came to real business where Glory be to God, I was one of the five winners, representing Kenya.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank;
1.Each and everyone who voted for me, those who did posters, opened campaign pages, newspaper, blog, radio and TV mentions, those who forwarded the link to people tirelessly, I am humbled beyond words.
2. Everyone who uses this blog as a way to better themselves and their loved ones (ION: Keep voting for me at the Kenya Blog Awards, click here to vote for this blog as the BEST HEALTH BLOG, I feel like a politician always asking for votes)
3. The BFF for all the support and for being there with me yesterday when they announced the winners, my blood family, church family, BasicNeeds family and all other acquired families.
4. Google for putting mental health on the same competing platform as innovations that were beyond. To echo what I said yesterday, "Right now I feel humbled and honored that mental health and epilepsy - which are considered taboo topics - have been put on the same platform as some very innovative projects. I can't believe that doing what comes so naturally to me, to help raise awareness about mental health, would be recognised by a company like Google, and be such an inspiration to others"
5. God, my alpha and omega, my foundation, my all...none of this would have been possible without you...I surrender it all to you, everything I give to you, withholding nothing.
So after a night of doing a million interviews (pun intended) and saying thank you so so so so so so many times,we woke up to a lovely session early today morning with students from Nairobi University.
Sharing at Nairobi University
I am currently running on automobile, I need sleep but I needed to thank y'all, I am so humbled. On a lighter note since I am still in limbo and it hasn't really sunk in that I have won $ 25,000 so I leave y'all with pictures of my braids let loose and other Villa Rosa Tings. I know the work ahead of me is even bigger but I am ready for the challenge because God is on my side.

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  1. Well done mami.
    You deserve it! All of it.
    Love you!

    -- makosewe --

  2. Congratulations! I don't know you personally but am just very happy to have read about you, be blessed :)

  3. I have voted for you! I know you do not remember me but I remember you from those days at the former The Discovery on Koinange Street as you hosted spoken word sessions :)

  4. well done the sky is your limit.Glory and honour to the almighty