Lesson 5 of #mentalhealth/digital story telling training; drugs and #mentalhealth

9:31:00 PM

Class Activity; try rotating your right index finger clockwise and your right leg anticlockwise
 Yesterday, my good friends from SCAD Kenya joined our session and we had a good time just learning about drugs and the relationship with mental health. I learnt a lot about drugs including some I didn't know like mandrax and D5 and wait for it Kiwi, yes the one we use for shoes, oooh and the nail polish and henna we use on our nails...and I thought I have lived and seen a lot.

This blog will be more of a Q & A from here;
1. What is a drug?
Anything that alters normal body functions is a drug. All medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicine.

2. What is substance abuse?
Substance Abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of legal drugs

3. Categories of drugs
-          Stimulants which are commonly used to activate or boost the body eg Miraa, Tobacco, Cocaine
-          Depressants which are used to suppress activity eg Alcohol
-          Inhalants which as the name suggests are inhaled e.g Glue, Henna, Petrol and Nail Polish
-          Narcotics which give one an adrenaline rush e.g Heroine
-          Hallucinogens which cause loads of hallucinations e.g Bhang
There are many more categories of drugs but the ones i have listed are the main ones for illegal drugs

Tem and Benja (in blue) during the session discussing Shisha

4.  Is Shisha illegal or not, harmful or not
Shisha is flavored tobacco and one session of 45 minutes is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes, so shisha is indeed an illegal and very harmful drug.

5. What are the common effects of drugs?
-          False confidence
-          Cancer
-          Herpes
-          Acidents
-          Loss of memory/blackouts
-          Mental Illness
-          Domestic violence and Family breakups
-          Miscarriages and the list goes on.

6. What is the relationship between drugs and mental health?
Drugs Abuse and #mentalhealth conditions are a cause and result of each other One can get a #mentalhealth condition due to drug abuse or can start abusing drugs as a way to deal with their illness

Drugs abuse cause burdens to societies, families and government as a whole. 

If you or someone you know has a drug/substance abuse problem, contact info(at)mymindmyfunk.com for linkages with SCAD and/or other facilities and organizations that can assist you.

Here are pictures from the session, like our page. 
S/O to SCAD for facilitating, Pollination Project's #seedthechange and Cisco Systems for supporting the project.

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