MMMF sends its condolences to friends and fam of our Kisumu region refferal psychologist, Pax Kabunge

10:04:00 PM

Pax, our Kisumu region referral psychologist
I have been holding myself all day not to do this post, awaiting for Adrian to call back and say it is not true but he hasn't called so I have resigned to the fact that it is true...RIP Pax.
On behalf of the my mind, my funk family, I would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends our Kisumu region referral psychologist, Pax Kabunge. We had developed a lovely working relationship and she was very passionate about mental health and was in the process of organizing for us a mental health awareness drive in Kisumu.
PS; We will postpone the training slotted for Friday 25th April at The Trade Offices. She had done so much to get us there to create mental health awareness, we will definitely honor her efforts.

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