My love for nature and plants has a name in mental health circles; Ecotherapy

2:22:00 PM

This is my best plant in the house, it fascinates me how the leaf 
maintains  its shape yet it is 'sliced'

As mentioned in the previous post, my love for nature is BEYOND!!! and the things that surpass cannot fill the fingers on one hand. I currently have 9 plants in the house including a cactus and a small garden and I looooooove my plants so much I will use this blog post to share their beauty. A while back when doing research on therapies, you all know how writing therapy and art therapy have helped with my healing process, I discovered something called ecotherapy which is any program from farming to outdoor activities in nature that are aimed at promoting good mental and physical well being. Reading about this answered a lot of my questions and I will be sharing more about ecotherapy soon and may even begin a program through my mind, my funk. As earlier mentioned, this post is for my plants, so look at the parade and tell me which one you like best.

Every week or two, I put the flowers out for some Sunshine

Another angle of the above pic

My second best flower

My garden, it has sukuma (kales), spinach, bead and potatoes
and i recently added pumpkin and kunde

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