My poetry video, A little more, screened at the 3rd edition of Open Show Nairobi

10:23:00 PM

The Open Show Nairobi

I got invited to present and discuss my poetry video, a little more at the third edition of Open Show Nairobi at The NEST. I explained the story behind the piece which is my sexual violence ordeal and living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar.
Doing an introduction to my video before it screened
After the screening, the audience asked questions and some included;

1. How I am sharing the video
Currently I am looking for events to screen it and also through mail signature, but I have CDs for anyone who would like to host a screening and everyone who came to my launch got a copy.

2. If I have always been an art lover or the ordeal prompted that
I never wrote before the ordeal but since i had no avenue to vent, i turned to writing and it has turned out to be a good companion and I am doing what I am doing so that others can get opportunities to channel their issues, something I didnt have.

3. Why I did the video in Black and White.
To reduce 'noise' or destruction and bring the audience to the piece and video and make them start thinking about it and not the pretty colors that surround it.

I thank God for the ministry He planted in me to 'give life' to those who need it by sharing mine. Special S/O to Kelly for the invitation and Mark for the recommendation. If you haven't watched it, see it below...more pictures from my screening here 

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