Lesson 10 of #mentalhealth/digital storytelling training; 50 - 50 board gaming in class

5:36:00 PM

When I met Casey for the first time
A few weeks ago when i was busy with my usual Mental Health email rounds, I read through an email from a lady called Casey Marenge who wanted to learn more about my project in Kibera and possibly meet for her to donate one of her recently launched 50-50 board game (Kenya's history in 50 seconds). I had full week so we had to push to a week or two after that but scheduled a telephone conversation where she told me more about herself and the work she does, she runs Chariots of Destiny which does loads of road safety advocacy and support (a my mind, my funk for road safety), I also told her more about me and my journey and how MMMF was born. Our stories were quiet similar and so was our passion for change and impact and a meeting date was set up. When we met, it felt like we had known each other for years and what was meant to be a brief chat and pick up of board ended up as a long afternoon of food, laughter and loads of bonding. The board game is took me down Kenya's memory lane from VOK to Danger Mouse to Call Box, may the true Kenyans say Amen and after an afternoon playing it with her and her team...wheeew I was totally humbled and beyond inspired. 
The students playing the game

Back to class
Since we had finished all our mental health lessons and done a little bit of film watching and debating, I decided to carry the game to class for the students to familiarize ourselves with it and events that took part in our history. Mental health is more about wellness and resilience and less about illnesses and their causes and this class drove that point home. It was the best class ever and Casey sent one of her team members to come through and the students were really excited to learn how the game was made and it was also an opportunity for them to see that they can accomplish anything as long as they put their mind to it. Really soon we are going to have a game challenge between Casey and her crew and me and the students...cant wait to teach them a few things.

Special shout out to Casey and her team for donating one of the board games to MMMF, you can support her work by getting the games here and see more pictures from the class here

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