Lesson 7 of #mentalhealth/digital story telling; Spark International Founders' visit and views on mental health

3:37:00 PM

Aaron, Spark International co-founder sharing about 
his time in the army and the effects it had on him
Good Afternoon beautiful souls,
I know I am so behind in updating you on the progress of the students and the project in Kibera...I will have the brief running back to back this afternoon. So we had lesson 7 the Thursday before Good Friday, and we had the privilege to host Spark International Founders, Aaron and Kaitlin who were in town to conduct the second Spark Accelator program...y'all know my mind, my funk is a product of the first one.

Our topic of the day was mental health signs, symptoms and causes. We did our usual discussions and one point that got us going on and on is the discussion of witchcraft as a cause of mental health. The students piled examples upon examples of why they think witchcraft has a part to play in mental health conditions.Aaron and Kaitlin took part in the discussions and also gave their life experiences with mental health conditions with Aaron sharing about his time in Afghanistan after 9/11 and the effects of that to his life.

Since it was the day before Easter, I had bought a few goodies for us to share and have our little celebration and our guests were kind enough to serve the class and the students shared on the impact of the program on camera.

More pictures of the session here...be sure to like our page.

I thank Pollination Project's #seedthechange program, Hital from Cisco Systems and the wonderful students from Kibera Soweto East for getting us here no forgetting Spark International for the video and all the support they have given me and my quest to provide support and information.

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