Lesson 9 of #mentalhealth/digital storytelling training; Movie and Debate

4:52:00 PM

The whole class glued to the epilepsy film by ANDREF
I must admit, lesson 9 was one of my best lessons ever. Since we had finished our mental health syllabus, we used this lesson to watch an epilepsy film by ANDREF and then did a debate on the motion; Abstinence is better than using contraceptives. The students were very confident, something I have to say wasnt the case at the beginning of our lessons and they did an amazing job proposing and opposing the motion.

What made my jaw drop were some of the points like one can lose their virginity from athletics and also riding a bicycle, some were of the opinion a condom has tiny holes in it and since our phase 2 of the project has a life skills component to it, I will definitely be bringing in a sexual and reproductive health expert to clarify some of those thoughts.

Also if anyone reading this is an expert on something you feel would be beneficial to the students, kindly get in touch with me.

Picture of the session here

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