Our First Community Mental Health Awareness gig; using art for mental health awareness in Kibera

1:12:00 PM

Poster by Angelo, Karuna

We have teamed up with Soweto East Initiative to do an Art Talent Search that will double up as a community mental health gig this Saturday, 2-5p at Kibera Soweto East Parking Lot. The event is OPEN TO PUBLIC and we will be sharing general mental health knowledge, emphasizing on the rights of those with mental health conditions as well as introducing the work we (my mind, my funk) is doing in Kibera and how the locals can be part of it plus our information and support arm.

My students will be on the ground and will assist with data collection where they will be asking the locals a few questions to gauge their mental health knowledge and this will in term help in the development of future awareness events in the area.

If you have a minute, feel free to join us this Saturday, 2-5p, at the Kibera Soweto East Resource Centre Parking Lot where we will have loads of song, dance, spoken word and mental health tit bits.

Kibera's Pamoja FM will support the day by hosting the winning acts on their radio station...how amazing is that...oooh and Angelo from Karuna did the poster and we are in talks for amazing things in the months to come.

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