The How to Regulate (be in your good place) over the long weekend Guide for persons with mental health conditions (and everyone else)

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Find your own heaven and possess it (:

Good afternoon beautiful people, 

Greetings from the Sunny side of Ngong. How is the looooong weekend coming along? 

I have always had a bitter sweet feeling about long weekends and holidays especially if they involve being around people for a long time. I totally love my space and my me time; if you follow my posts, you know I spend Christmas Holidays alone and enjoy each second of it.I decided to do this post and share it with those of you who may have had a not so good month and need to rejuvenate(heal) for the new month and those like me who just find it hard to cope with long weekends/holiday and all the people, the fuss of having a plot and being in one and the fear of how to fit in and cope. So what things can you do to keep you regulated (in your good place)? 

1. Music

What type of music brings your spirits up? 

When I was cleaning up my room this morning, I got this old school neosoul CD which had a 'hidden folder' with some Biggie, Bone Thugs, Tupac, Ruff Ryders, Coolio and Lost Boys (some of y'all will not know who these are, I will pray for you) wheeeew you should have seen me with my house pants sagged, rapping along; I used to be gangsta...I am still gangsta though, just serving a different army.

2. Sun basking

What 'effortless' things would help you unwind? (Intoxication isn't a choice)

For me, the sun is working fine right now. Grab your costume and go swimming or simply pull a chair and sit on the veranda and let the sun rays speak to you. I am typing this post outside enjoying the post midday sun and there is nothing more I would ask for. I have my glass of ice cold Fanta Orange (I need a solution to my Fanta Orange addiction) and the neo soul CD blasting from my house and this is AMAZING!!! Be careful not to over expose yourself to the sun without protection from the direct rays.

3. New hair do

What fresh thing have you been looking forward to?

I am working really hard to get my dreadlocks back, yes I know I have chopped them one too many times when they were shoulder long (welcome to bipolar) but that doesn't stop me from wanting them back. Last weekend I redid my hair just to speed up the growth process so that I can finally lock it and it felt really good walking out of the salon. Even if it is a hair cut or trim, getting your eye brows done (go to a professional though),your nails done in a new color or just a wash and blow dry, go get something did or do it yourself...get fresh either way.

4. Market

What smells and sights make your heart feel good?

Saturday is market day in Ngong and one of my new hobbies is just walking through the market especially in the fresh produce section just to see all the different colors and smell all that freshness. I dream of having a restaurant because of my love of food and I also dream of having a fresh produce farm to supply to my restaurant...going to the market brings both dreams closer home.

5. Writing and Blogging

Where (what or with who) are you sharing your deep most?

I am using three journals at a go this month. I looooove writing and as much as my blog is behind schedule and my social media untouched for the last 2 weeks, my journals are pregnant with thoughts, ideas and my deep most feelings...If you cant write, can you record or you can finally set up that meeting with your girlfriends or the boys even if on Skype or a Google Hangout or if you still use Whatsapp. Be careful who you let in though, they must be people who build you and bring you closer to your dreams and aspirations.

6. Food

What things make your heart smile?

I looooooove food and everything about it from trying out new recipes and new eat out joints. I recently bought those multi colored pasta (you all know my love for color is real) so that's what i am trying out today for lunch as soon as I am done with this post. Be careful with food though, do not let it be your go to feel good thing as that will lead to addiction, obesity and other food related illnesses...moderation is the word, always remember you are in control, even when you don't feel it, you are in control (: 

7. Road trip

If you were to go some where cheap, somewhere expensive, somewhere near, somewhere far, where would those places be?

On June 15th this year, I celebrate 11 years of being a rape survivor and I am working really hard to make up my mind on where I want to go. I have 4 places so far and I pray I will have that sorted by the 11th. Suggestions are welcome (: but it needs to have plenty of fresh air and nature feel to it. This evening I will walk up to Kibiku where the Olympic runners train and catch some me some fresh air as I soak into nature.

8. Stretching and breathing

How are you taking care of your physical being?

One of my new things is stretching and breathing, I know we automatically do it but when you are consciously listen to your breathing and do some breathing exercise and stretching, your body loosens up and in a way your mind get uncluttered, I am nowadays doing this in the kitchen when waiting for water to boil, when walking, in the matatu before I get off and its really helping me so before you open that door to the room full of people...stretch and do some breathing.

9. Games

I have learnt games make it easier to start conversations and hold some light ones especially when we do them with my students and the not so talkative ones step up in the vein of being team members, try joining family games or proposing some and you will be part of the group without being part of the group (:

10. Books

My library is slowly growing and i am loving it. I am currently reading TD Jakes Reposition Yourself and Robin Sharma's Little Book of Stunning Success. I totally love thought shifts books bring about, pick something today and start shifting.

11. Last but not least, connecting with God and all that He is all about...I understand that God means so many things to so many people including nothing to others, but to me...He is my source of everything.


Whatever your options, whatever your stage on your mental health cycle, do not let the thought of all these people being in your space during this long weekend bring you down instead will yourself to a lovely weekend using either one or a combination of the above things and feel free to comment with some of the healthy ways you regulate and rejuvenate yourself.

Sending love and light

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