We didn’t win BAKE Awards, but we won souls at Akili Dada and on CrossOver 101

5:41:00 PM

At BAKE Award Gala
Good evening beautiful souls, 

Hope you all had an lovely weekend. I had an amazing one…busy but really amazing which started before the weekend with a two day shoot on Thursday and Friday for a living with epilepsy series, followed by a trip to Limuru on Saturday morning to speak at Akili Dada’s Scholar’s Leadership Academy then BAKE Awards Gala in the evening and finally being on CrossOver 101 on Sunday morning. We did not win at BAKE but I am really grateful for all the people who voted and more so those who used my blog as a source of inspiration and also the traffic the bloggers awards website brought to the blog.

Speaking at Akili Dada's Scholars Leadership Academy
It is really amazing that on Sunday morning, on Crossover on NTV had the same topic for their LIVE show dubbed Strength in our Weakness. I had a lovely time sharing and praying for people on LIVE TV…and just the responses from the two talks is rewarding enough.

With Crossover Hosts, DJ Mo and Faith Muturi

PS: This is a pictorial post but be sure to read the next one with the topic I shared in Limuru dubbed Pits to Peak.

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