1% Club funds another my mind, my funk project through its student battle

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My team from Netherlands
Late April I did a post on my mind,my funk being part of 1%'s students battle. Well the competition went on well, so so very well...we didn't win overall but we won in a major way since the students doubled the amount we were looking forward to raise. My project was to create an online support system that will work hand in hand with the SMS Help line for those who have little to no internet access.

This is what my amazing team came up with http://www.friendsofsitawa.com/

Today we had a Skype call and were just catching up, I am working on recruiting permanent staff for the systems and I am so proud of my team and I am very humbled and honored to have worked with them through the weeks. They all did a fantastic job from Day 1 when you made everyone hug at the opening event to their streets #hugSitawa event to the music event. They doubled my expectation meaning loads more young people in Kenya will have access to mental health info and support because of their efforts once we roll out the schools advocacy campaign. What they did cannot be quantified in any battle because it is priceless. I totally love them and pray to meet them in person since all our work has been in the interwebs.

A special shout out to
1.  1% Club for including me and my project in this battle and considering me for a second time. Both the helpline which is in its final stages and the schools advocacy/online support have been made possible by them and their amazing crowdfunding platform. And an even greater shout to them for hooking me up with this amazing team and our awesome coach Marisa.
2. To all the lovely people who contributed to this project
3. The students for taking this project as their baby and really running with it...you don't know what you did but you all did something really BIG!!!

More pictures can be found here

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