Eve Ensler's the Good Body play comes to Nairobi

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If you live in Nairobi or on the interwebs as most of us do, you have seen, heard and/or given your two cents about loving or not loving our bodies conversations. Either voiced or not, everyone has a personal view on this and they range from a Biblical and whether God will take us back with all the alterations, influence from the West and being ashamed of our Africanness, pressure from societal expectations to be lighter, rounder, smoother to issues like esteem and the list goes on and on. But how far is too far; eye pencil, mascara, lip stick, extensions, implants, bleaching?  Is it an esteem issue if I put on some make up? Do I appreciate myself more by having comb breaking hair or locking it or shaving it all off instead of perming or weaving it?

Eve Ensler of the famed Vagina Monologues has a play titled the Good Body which touches on this and good news is that it is coming to an auditorium near us, The Michael Joseph Centre thanks to my good friend Naomi Mwaura, who she runs Flone Initiative and is the boss lady of One Billion Rising Kenya Chapter.

History Lesson
On Feb 14th as the rest of the world celebrates Valentines day, the other part does 1 billion rising (an international event in support of victims and survivors of sexual violence by rising up, sometimes dancing, to seek justice).  Kenya's celebrations are organized by Naomi who I met last year when I was part of celebrations at Central Park where we rose up and danced.  This year, she did a discussion forum (which I was to co-organize until I flipped. It isn't a cool story and I know I disappointed her a lot especially since I was manic at that time and had all this amazing ideas for the day then I just sunk into depression and wasn't picking calls but that's a story for another day). So as a follow up the get discussion forum, she is hosting this amazing play which opens this Friday 27th June at 3p  7p with follow up shows on Saturday 28th June, 3 & 6p and I think she couldn't have picked a better time to bring it to Nairobi and I am really curious to see the conversations that will come up from this play.
About the play
From her email,

'These laugh-a-minute monologues aim to uplift and to empower as they entertain. The monologues soften the ever-fraught relationship between women and their bodies, explores the destructive body esteem issues and leads towards finding beauty in imperfection The Good body tackles our perfect imperfections with some candid hilarious monologues about our bum size, skin colour, 24 waistline, acne, the tummy tucks, the thigh gap, piercings, tummy tyres etc.

This star studded performance will feature:Patricia Ithau, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Mwikali Mary, Ian Mbugua, June Gachui, Nick Ndeda, Nice Githinji and Brenda Wairimu and is directed by Mbeki Mwalimu.

Tickets are Ksh 1000 at the door and Ksh 800 Advance till tomorrow,
Thursday, June 26th at Alliance Francaise reception and The Michael Joseph Centre Reception or via MPesa Paybill: Business No: 961700 Account No: 00520 (You’ll find your ticket at the door) or simply Call 0720701359 / 0736330680 for booking

All proceeds from this event will go to Flone Initiative'

I am definitely going to the opening of this play and hope a large number of you will be there and that those conversations will continue as in as much as we are all past adolescence where we supposedly battle with identity, we still battle with it daily.

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  2. Obviously my first comment didn't post. Here it is:
    The premiere is at 7pm on Friday (not 3pm)

  3. Oopsie let me correct that, thank you for that correction sunshine