Stock Taking Part 2; What works for you

9:30:00 AM

I do my own décor piece

Hope you read stock taking part 1 on finding yourself. In part 2, I talk about getting what works for you and why it is important in keeping momentum with who you are and where you are going. Despite many unsolicited suggestions, I moved to my own space at the beginning of this year and it has been an amazing 5 months (I will finally do the house warming). Moving out was something I really wanted, not because Uncle's place wasn't working for me, but because my business is to live life abundantly despite having epilepsy and bipolar. I believe we can rise to whatever heights regardless of our shortcomings if we believe in ourselves and are honest with where we are, what we have and where we want to be.

Even though I had the money, I didn't rush to buy a big sofa with all the other cliché things everyone feels they need to have in their house because everyone else has the same in the house and that's how houses ought to be. Instead I decided to have things that's are functional to me and my health and my dreams.
1. For epilepsy, I went with a low bed (more of two mattresses piled together) just in case I have a seizure. The lower the bed the less the impact from a fall (it will be more of rolling over to the floor)

Faux fire place, plants and butterfly clock

2. For my mental health; I have designed (done very incomprehensible sketches which surprisingly my furniture guy gets) every piece of furniture in my house from the window seat to do my reading from as I listen to the birds tweeting and catch some sunshine to my faux fire place which creates and illusion of warmth to me making me feel safe in my own space.

3. For my mental health; I have 9 plants in my house and they work so so much for me. Some call it eco therapy but all I know is, being in nature calms me centres me, it regulates...and everyone with bipolar says amen so having these big plants makes brings the outdoors in especially when feel down and don't have strength to leave the house.

4. To keep my juices flowing; Color. I get bored with things easily and having to do and face the same thing daily milks life out me. Almost all walls in my house have color on them, my living room/office has orange and some yellow with loads of green from the plants, my bed room has a polite red and earthly brown which is also in the corridor, the other room is purple and my kitchen is green.

5. For my art therapy; Decor. I do bottle decor by therapy them. I am feeling mirrors right now so I have all these mirror mirror things and real mirrors spread all over my space.

6. For my memory; Images; my fridge, toilet, corridor and work space have loads of visuals (magazine cut outs, print out, sticky notes, posters) all to remind me about myself (everyone with a mental health condition knows how much we forget ourselves at times), my purpose, ministry and destination.

7. For my work balance; Location. I have lived in Ngong all my life. I am a village girl and I am happy with that status. I had the opportunity to leave Ngong and go so far away especially since its where I got raped but Ngong has something that brings healing to me. I can run in the mornings in amazing uncongested air with the hills behind me and an amazing rising sun in front me, I got a lovely place that's not on a flat with a million people where I can start a small garden when I need to time out from everything and everyone. I don't go to the CBD everyday and so its perfect for a home office and a stable life, something everyone with a mental health condition needs.
What works for you to keep you in check?

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