Stock Taking Part 1; Finding self

9:27:00 AM

Mapping in color
Good morning beautiful people,
Hope Wednesday got to a lovely start for you. I woke up at a few minutes before 4am and I have been writing since then. If you are a regular here or follow me on social media, you know how much I loooooove writing, I am always noting stuff down in notebooks, serviettes, shopping receipts, journals, sticky notes and most recently my mind, my funk fabric cover journals (if you are reading this on a computer, you can see the journals on the side tabs, make you order today). This morning, my prayer journal got full and I spent time going through it page by page and it is really amazing the promises in there that have come to pass, the confirmations I have seen through simple and big things or through messages from people I had never discussed my visions with. The best part of it all are the shifts; there are things I was poor at and I was asking God to help me with and now I am good at them or those that really bugged and I have simply outgrown (:

I totally honor my devotion and I strongly believe that that hour in the morning where I just release myself and read through the Bible and sit in silence meditating plays a major role in centring me and helping me focus and get through the day. With bipolar, you really need to teach yourself to be in control and not let the energy shifts rule you...ok there are days they win but it feels nice knowing every morning I wake up to read a book full of hope and promises and get to release myself to those possibilities and align myself with those thoughts through meditation and writing what I feel down.So as I say goodbye to yet another journal, I decided to tap into my love of color and used crayons to map out what I had written through the journal and will later do a vision board from it and have it as a poster in my room that will remind me of the path I would like to take or had preconditioned myself on.

We can wish for so many things but if we don't start visualising and imaging them, then we use so much energy trying to stick to the path, a path that may not be so clear to us because we don't know where we are and where we are going. Ask yourself; As much as you are planning and wishing for things in your future, are you taking time to see where you are vs where you were and where you want to go? Do you find yourself reinventing the wheel or always starting from zero?

Try stock taking your life, knowing what assets and liabilities you have, what strengths and weaknesses you posses, what resources(human and otherwise) are within your reach. When you stock take, it makes it easier to know the distance between where you are and where you want to go,what/who you need to carry with you and what/who you need to offload, it helps give you clarity and Lord knows there is freedom in clarity.Take a moment and stock take, it will save you a lot of headless chicken runs (: Make a visual board of what you get to be a constant reminder of where you are headed to (here is my visual boarding tutorial)

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