The Rights of People living with #epilepsy simplified

12:34:00 PM

Pic by Karijn Aussems
Gooodmorning beautiful souls,

We had our monthly National Epilepsy Coordinating Committee meeting yesterday and as usual there were loads of exciting things discussed by member organisations...loads happening on the ground as far as advocacy, treatment and intervention is concerned. The one thing that struck me and I just had to share was a publication by Youth on the Move - Kenya, an organisation led by my good friend Karijn Aussems that works with young people living with epilepsy.

The publication is on the rights of people living with epilepsy and covers a large scope from access to health services, employment, relationships to many other aspects of the human life. It is an educative and colourful piece of work that is easy to read (we all know how some of these policy, rights, activism, legislative books get uptight as a show of authority of content). The publication titled, Mind your Rights, is a good reference book to be used by people living with epilepsy, their caregivers, teachers, employers and epilepsy activists on all levels of the advocacy ladder. The book has used loads of colours (I know I already said colourful but you all know how I love colors so this book was after my heart) and my pal Ken did amazing cartoons that makes it a page turner (I am not trying to sound like a book review, I am sharing nothing but the truth).

In related exciting news, my organization, my mind my funk (which you should be following on FB and Twitter) will be hosting a tweet chat soon on rights of persons living with epilepsy based on this book, subscribe to this blog for updates on when that will happen and also to know of other joint activities with Youth on the Move all aimed at creating awareness and providing support for those living with epilepsy and their families.

Enjoy your weekend.

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