Why i think everyone should watch Call me Crazy; A five film

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Wheeew I am now doing movie reviews hahaha ok this is more of a recommendation. Yesterday was my chill out day and my BFF was coming over so I mixed up a lovely meal and had movies picked up. We watched Black coffee and Angriest Man in Brooklyn together and I was still in movie mode when he felt so I decided to watch one more and picked Call me Crazy. When my movie guy gave me this movie, he really under sold it saying it is about some chick who hears voices. I am always eager to see the misrepresentations of mental health illnesses and that's the only reason I picked this movie but now I would strongly advice persons living with mental health conditions and their families to watch this movie and this is why;

1. Persons with mental health conditions are humans needing love, needing understanding with feelings, dream and aspirations just like anyone else

It is an interesting follow through the lives of 4 people with mental health conditions; a college student with schizophrenia who gets hospitalized  and doors have to be removed when she gets home because she once struggled her kid sis, a mother with bipolar who takes her daughter's pals shopping and over the speed limit driving and her daughter is her primary care giver, a comedian with depression who despite making people laugh zones out and gets really detached and a young lady with post traumatic stress who got raped while at war and didn't ever speak about it.

2. People taking care of persons with mental health conditions need care too.

The movie does not just deal with the persons but also with their immediate family members and how they are affected. How the struggled sis feels neglected ever since her elder sis got sick, how the daughter lies to friends and just wants to go to college and be away from her mum, how he comedians wife is constantly in worry and cleaning up and how the son and dad of the lady who came back from war have to deal.

3. Mental Health stories are more about wellness and positivity as opposed to all the negativity we see and hear

I saw myself through the eyes of these 4 people and I also felt the pain, love and confusion of each of the family members. I most of all loved the positive twist the makers of this film took because all we hear and see with regards to mental health is negativity. 

4. Everyone has a role to play

The movie shows the role family plays and its importance to recovery and also how awareness helps reduce stigma. I liked the one friend to the girl whose mum had bipolar when the other one was freaking out, she just told her its ok, I always knew, go be with her. That is the most amazing support ever and that's what people need, not to be labelled and criticized.

My only issue was the labelling. They are not their illnesses e.g the mother is not bipolar but she has bipolar,  the lawyer lady has schizophrenia she is not a schizo. We are humans before our illnesses.

Happy watching and I cant wait to hear your reviews and lessons learnt.


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