INK - Freedom for All

11:33:00 PM

With my bday coming up, the BIG three O and people are still asking to see my ID because i apparently look very early 20s...not complaining, I was thimking about my life and my politics (the thing that always remain true to me when I am high, when I am low, then I am on my poles and when my seizures visit and leave) and two things stood true (apparently my love for food,  art, moon watching and books is secondary...hope all those moments won't shy away now I that I am coming clean)

1. My belief that mental health should be taken seriously from personal to family, national to international platform until we start having those conversations and keep holding them, until those in chains, those without hospitals to go to, those with nowhere to get info and support, those stigmatised and discriminated against still exist amongst us...i will always have work to do and i am not free until my tribe (those living with mental health conditions and epilepsy plus their families) are free (or on their way)...and neither is any one else on earth. I am fully aware that I can't solve it all, much more aware that since I kinda have my footing I can run and do something else but....
2. My hard taught lesson that unless we ground ourselves to something or someone higher than ourselves, that in as much as we have to believe in ourselves to get to where we have to be, we also have to live above ourselves and that power comes from deeper than deep within. Some say it's from above, others around, some give it a human feel, others just marvel at its wonder...I have a personal, intimate relationship, we have frequent conversations and even though it has been a TRIP getting to let go and have faith in he who has many names and descriptions, I call him JESUS.
Do you have ink on you? When did you get them and why?
PS: Contrary to popular belief, inking ain't I relearnt how powerful the mind is, I have always thought it would be really painful getting inked, but it wasn' isn't getting freedom for us all right?

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  1. Getting inked. Love the message on your tats.Yet to get inked.....