Kenyan Hospitals Part 1:I had 4 consecutive seizures and had to be admitted

7:42:00 AM

I hate needles
For the last few weeks, I have been busy preparing for International Youth Day who theme is Youth and Mental Health and also a FREE mental health info and support sms line. This means I have been sleeping at 4a and out of the house by 6.45a. Well all that caught up with me when I had multiple seizures they had to hospitalize me but since I hate hospitals, I was discharged only to go back the next day. I also had an interesting tweetchat on insurance companies and the 1 year waiting period for psychiatric cases and my friend @iFortknox hooked me up with Peter Nduati, owner of Resolution Health, an insurance company and we organized a meeting for mid next week. I am uber excited that I might be cover minus the 1 year waiting period. 

I could pull a thug face from hospital

Keep praying my health as I keep fighting. I know I haven't been working in vain and all these things will be successful in Jesus name.

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  1. keep on fighting. you are such an inspiration

  2. don't quit... winners never quit and quitters never win.These are but some temporary set back .Mind your health and it will mind the struggle for you..