Kenyan Hospitals Part 4:Avenue Hospital tricked me and locked me in their psychiatric ward

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My room with a peep hole
If you have been following my road to getting my meds tapered down you know how it is, if this is your first post you will still catch up (Part 1 when I had 4 consecutive seizures, Part 2 when I almost beat up a doctor, Part 3 response from a doctor who said (s)he will beat me to a coma and above a tweet based on Part 3 and the above tweet post, you are risking reading my blog. 
So after the whole Nairobi Women - Nairobi Hospital ordeal, I decided to go to Avenue Hospital on Monday morning to get my meds tapered down, I am one of those never giving up types. The lady at the Adams reception was very kind, I forgot her name but she directed me to the Parkland/Westlands branch that has a psychiatric unit. I got there, paid the consoltation fee and within 5 mins I was in the doctors room unlike Nairobi Hospital which took 30 +mins.

Patients rights at Avenue Hospital
 I talked to a lovely Dr. Ted who went to check something and when he was aware, my seizures visited and boom we were back to the drip cycle again. I woke up in a different room with sodium chloride I think the drip read and I had a conversation in a matron or nurse uniform, dark blue, cant remember what we discussed but she told a young man to take me there. In my head I thought there was where meds are tapered only to be asked to pay. Logic (or lack of) told me you have to pay before you get meds and before I knew it, I was locked in. I complained and complained till I got tired.
Never trust hospital rooms with stairs to get to them
 The doctor  finally came at 8p and saw me for 5 mins after waiting from 4p. I feel that my rights were violated and I was made to sign or acknowledge stuff when I was high on whatever stuff they gave me when I had a seizure. I may have cut this short because I am still drowsy from the meds but I was discharged on the next day.

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  1. Sitawa, I wish you a fast recovery. A lot of people need your services, when you are back on your feet, please take care of yourself and don't stress yourself too much. In the meantime, a proper diagnosis is so so crucial, in part 3, someone referred you to Prof Kioy? Would you consider giving them a call? If we dont know what we are treating (and sometimes Doctors are so full of themselves they ignore our lay understanding of how we feel) we'll treat what is not the problem and not touch the real issue. All the best Sitawa and get well soooooon

  2. Hi Sitawa, thanks for bringing this into the public domain.Its very unfortunate to see that at this day and age patients with mental health problems are being treated like this.The hospitals are reinforcing the stigma and exclusion and violation of the rights of the patient to be heard, and to participate in their own treatment. You are on top of things at all levels.I wonder what a young woman of your age in a rural facility would go through. The padlock in the room at avenue is ancient..we wish you a quick and sustained recovery.

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